Marie Jo

Jewell, discrete luxury embodied in a festive lingerie series

Marie Jo starts the festive season in style with the ultimate eye-catcher, Jewell. This luxurious lingerie series holds a seductive promise of an elegant Christmas and New Year. Rather than overstated opulence, this seductive series turns heads with fine details, sophisticated Leavers lace and a soft line.

‘Created for living and loving’ is the Marie Jo credo. That is certainly apposite here. Jewell pays discrete tribute to refined, sensual luxury. Each piece in the series features an elegant jewel. This graphical accent forms a stylish combination with high-quality Leavers lace and details in French silk.

Cosy luxury is on the up and up this season. Jewell accentuates the trend with a lace triangle bra and some comfy luxury items. Including a gorgeous top, finished ever so finely with an upper part in lace. Jewell also plays the luxurious comfort card going into the festive season, with an elegant slip dress and a delightful kimono, both in sumptuous silk, finished with a lace border.

The result is sensual comfort, many years of craftsmanship and stylish elegance combined in a single series. The ultimate gift as well as an exquisite party essential.