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Marie Jo L'Aventure - A graphical take on the flower trend

Marie Jo L’Aventure

A graphical take on the flower trend

Marie Jo L’Aventure whisks you off to a summer field of flowers in subtle simplicity. The Belgian label has let this floral inspiration wash over it to create graphical designs and a geometric pattern. The collection brings the spontaneous summer feeling to your lingerie drawer with a modernistic lingerie collection that stands up to every summer challenge.

Marie Jo L’Aventure keeps the summer to come light and breezy with an elegant deconstructive pattern and purified layers of minimalistic material collages. The collection stylishly balances between transparent and opaque with twenty-first century dévoré. The stripes and structures are combined in an original way with a refined navy stripe.

Distinct designs are lit up by graphical patterns, while soft 3D prints suggest depth. 3D effects are brought to life on smooth hi-tech fabrics. Structure is tempered by perfectly executed accents and innovative fabrics, while light details are balanced by a minimalistic line.

The new summer collection mixes skin tones with fresh tints. Marie Jo L’Aventure comes in powder pink with lantern red as well as pale pink with pistachio. Two-tone is paired with glossy materials, while a modern powder palette goes with suggestive draping, playful details or summer halters.

If it is up to Marie Jo L’Aventure, anything will be possible this summer. No stickler for rules, the label mixes sophisticated minimalism with present-day classicism: serene, relaxed and a little bit naughty.