IMEC Lingerie Fall-winter 2013-2014

The Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Imec collection stands out as a very tribute to the most authentic and refined femininity; a praise, a dedication and a declaration of love accompanying the woman at any time of her day: daily supplements of style and dynamism are fading away and are whispering at sunset, while lighting up and shining at night with enchanting touches of light. Any proposal tells a story, acts as a container of creative enthusiasm, taste and weight balance while being aware of the significant value of details: sober, moderate, delicate and precious to make the difference. Sometimes invisible and subtle, sometimes explicit, they contribute to creating harmony in its whole for sober and tempered elegance. Everything changes for the final aim of having nothing changed in the Imec style, forever ambassador of the deepest Italian style culture.

THE NEW LUXURY. Lingerie as it should be: delightfully intimate and precious; a reinterpretation of intimate memories by means of cutting-edge technologies with great emphasis on contemporary French style: detailed, frivolous and mindful. Delicate colours from the past which recall the ‘20s and a rose bouquet for timeless elegance.

DARK MOOD: when nature effuses its mystic romanticism and night reveals its world of darkness and enticing atmosphere in its shadows. The body is decorated to convey eroticism in its most refined and sophisticated style. The magnetic and iridescent colours are tainted with unexpected delicate flashes, glares of light in the dark. Overlays and fragments of lace create an enthralling and enchanting style.

MODERN CONTRAST. An approach which is far away from tradition, a decoration of the body in an architectural style which resembles the geometry of multifaceted and impudent jewellery, a staggering style that wants to show something and amaze someone. Shiny coverings and calenderings, metal foils to enlighten any type of fabric. Masses of saturated and vibrant colours with high-frequency notes.