Wolford Lingerie Spring-summer 2009

WOLFORD’S new 2009 S/S Lingerie collection is inspired by the easy, carefree atmosphere of the 1970s.

The SEXY PURE style, seduction with a natural allure, will also be continued this season. Luxury and clear lines are reflected in soft, sophisticated colours and sumptuous fabrics. A sense of natural nonchalance and the feel of a second skin are interpreted in a very feminine, sensual and seductive way.

An array of transparent effects creates very elegant, evocative looks. The finest fabrics are subtly beguiling with a luxurious choice of lace in a contrasting interplay of emotion and realism.

The Trend colours manifest themselves as a combination of shades of grey with very soft and delicately nuanced pastel hues. Fine powdery colours and the classic colours of black and white round off the collection.