Lost in Wonderland Lingerie Fall-winter 2013-2014

In january 2013 Berlin’s upcoming label for luxury lingerie, Lost in Wonderland, presented it’s second collection at SIL Paris. After a successful debut in 2012 designer Scarlett Grosselanghorst upgraded the collection with garterbelts, highwaist-slips, camisoles and chantilly-lace camiknickers.

The Lost in Wonderland-winter 2013 will be delicate-soft and frivolous at the ame time, but never blatant.

The colour-scheme is dominated by black-combinations except for two light ranges. Matt mousseline mixes with oily-shining Italien lace, that nearly seems to be melted. They are cobined with accents remindeing of bondage-elements. These elements are used so subtile that they merge perfectly into the fine-feminine and kind of french style that gained Scarlett Grosselanghorst the byname „a Marie Antoinette from Berlin“ at her Mode City debut. (Range availiable in black/black and rosé/black)

Lingerie which is tender and strong at the same time is also appearing in a black-gold combinations and a refreshed leopard-design. The leopard-basis is covered by a translucent herringbone fabric, that gives the pieces a hidden structure, which changes with the light, while the lingerie is still – as known from Lost in Wonderland – light as a feather. With its royal-blue-black bows the leopard bra is taken away from the regular leopard-underwear and becomes a fashion-statement for independent women,

In other ranges french, traditionally manufactured laces are combined with modern lingerie fabrics. Black accents and geometric patternmaking create a sophisticated mix of classy french lingerie blended with Berlin-straightness.

Inspired by the mistresses of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts operas, every Lost in Wonderland range offers one eyecatcher-panty and lots of passion for patternmaking. Every range is named after a misstress, but the named were turned into french. The press pictures were taken with a hint of backstage-flair to grasp the atmosphere behind the curtain, where Mozart used to meet his girls. The brand’s concept is to offer offbeat lingerie which is still suitable for everyday use.

LOST I WONDERLAND buys and manufactures strictly within Europe. One of the laces is traditionally woven on up to 200-year old machines. Furthermore all fabrics are strictly vegan. Instead of silk – which might have a luxury reputation but is not long-lasting, we use tender lingerie-fabrics that offer an optimal wearing comfort and a good life-span. (Many people holding the lingerie in their hand ask if it’s silk- chiffon, because the surface is so delicate.) As a little delight for their consumer and of course for the retailers Lost in Wonderland deliver high quality black boxes with the golden logo embossed and postcards as little give-aways. All graphic material will be available as well.