Ritratti Lingerie Fall-winter 2013-2014

The Fall/Winter 2013/2014 RITRATTI collection originates from the idea of bringing the extremely sophisticated soul of the brand and its couture refinement into life while teaming it with workmanship capable of enhancing and praising its undisputable wearability.

RITRATTI is a symbol of supreme femininity: it goes back and deep to its origins and lets itself be influenced by vintage and retro details. Wearability, comfort and extreme refinement come together, hints from both contemporary minimalism and past opulence are collected and reinterpreted by personal taste and style.

The uniqueness as well as the peculiarity of the detail is what makes the difference. Transparency seems to pursue fluid and shiny surfaces but at the same time wants to resist them, while refined printed silk is emphasized by overlays and inlays of precious Chantilly lace. A nearly Art Decò vintage taste is restyling the garments on the silhouette and plays with whispered and extremely elegant seduction. Sophisticated and enchanting Chantilly lace as well as precious and rich embroideries are the fabrics that best combine the romantic flair with the retro-chic spirit; those malicious and desiring transparencies whispered by “see-through” effects are suggesting some elegant and sophisticated sensuality as well as an attitude towards good taste and hidden desire. However, some minimal and more modern touches are not missing to suggest the new mood of the collection. In their looking simple but glamorous through their soft lines, these garments have been actually designed to enhance the natural weapons of seduction.

The colour still plays the starring role by interpreting same garments in different moods: sophisticated and precious tricks of contrasting colours or elegant ton-sur-ton. And then the unfailing and ever-present black…. in its elegant and stylish mood but, at the same time, seductive and sometimes transgressing. In the evening, it is perfect to celebrate and shape a timeless standard of fashion and elegance, pervaded by the “dream”, as an eternal ingredient to achieve the allure of total femininity. The inspiration of this collection is a modern woman, as depicted when gazing at herself in the mirror and dreaming of being an old time star, soaked in her natural and innate elegance and femininity that come out from each little gesture… we are talking about a woman who enjoys the past by reinterpreting it through her own personality and style. The mirror which reflects her own image and shows the various sides of her identity and the eternal gap between truth and illusion stands out as the very peculiar object that really discloses these “feminine Ritratti (portraits)”…